To All My Patients

I hope this letter finds you in good safety and good health. Covid-19 has certainly produced strange, bizarre, and scary times. It is with a great deal of gratitude that I have to say thank you for supporting me and trusting me to provide your dental health care over the last forty years. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to know all of you.  

Now I have made the difficult decision to not reopen my practice and retire. After forty years of service, the Covid-19 quarantines and my lease expiring all seemed like the perfect storm for me to retire, but knowing that my patients will receive their dental care from a dentist I know and trust made my decision much easier. 

Dr. Joseph Muscatiello will be continuing with my dental family of patients. Many of you may already know him and his staff, as he and Dr. Fodor before him have been covering my dental office emergencies during vacations, meetings, etc, for the last thirty years. I hope that you will support his dental team as you did mine.

I cherish all the time I have spent helping everyone attain their best oral health and am grateful and thankful to have been allowed to be part of your life over the last forty years. As we all begin this age of “new normal,” I hope that we can all stay safe and healthy and grow our lives better than ever. I will truly miss everyone.

Thank you all again.
With warmest regards,

Joseph R Krulewicz, DMD
Dr. “K”