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Patient Testimonials

"Some doctors are all Business, some doctors are all medicine... Here, not only do they do an amazing job on your teeth, you get treated like a real person! They truly care about your well being all around! This is the kind of place that will mail you a Christmas/Holiday card, or when you walk in (for me) they ask about my dogs. Those little touches really stand out in my eyes. Let's face it, no one really enjoys going to the dentist right? But in this place, when you walk in you instantly feel welcome and relaxed!

'Thank you so much Dr. Muscatiello and Christine for fixing my terrible teeth, especially my front tooth, I haven't smiled so much in the past year as I have in the past week!! I thank you so much for not judging me or making me feel self-conscious about how awful they have become!" ~ Joanne P.

"I didn’t have great experiences with dentists until I became a patient of this office. Dr. Fodor was my dentist when I started here and I now am with Dr. Muscatiello. They both are so caring and gentle. The entire staff is awesome. If you need to find a dental practice, call Branchburg Preferred Dental. I drive over an hour to get to the office but it is so worth it." ~ Linda F.

"I have been seeing Dr. Fodor for 35 years. We have been through a lot of dental work together! I am thrilled that Dr. Muscatiello has joined the practice. I have never had a fear of dentists (like many people) because Dr. Fodor always made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Muscatiello has picked up where Dr. Fodor left off and I will continue to recommend this practice to anyone who needs the best dentists in the industry. Thank you, doctors, for always taking such good care of me and my teeth! And kudos to Bonnie for the awesome cleanings!" ~ Laura M.

"I just want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent services and treatment provided to me. I am someone who is a very nervous person when I walk into a dentist’s office, but the level of care and comfort provided by you and all the staff in your office was an unexpected surprise; you and your staff went to great lengths to ensure my well being. I will certainly be referring any friends or patients of mine who are looking for an excellent dentist......... PS... Bonnie, you are a #1 hygienist! "~ Deborah B.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Fodor’s for 33 years! Would never consider going anywhere else. Bonnie is the best dental hygienist ever. Dr. Muscatiello is a wonderful addition to the practice; my children just love him." ~ Heather K.

"Dr. Muscatiello, Dr. Fodor, Bonnie, and the rest of the team have consistently provided outstanding medical dental care. The team is friendly, professional, and always happy to accommodate patient needs. Highly recommend them!" ~ Michael T.